Today’s time has become very modern, due to which a person can do many things on the computer sitting at home! In old times people used to do any work without their choice to earn money. But in today’s time, people can do any work of their choice sitting at home on the computer, and you can also earn a lot by working online!

       So friends today, we will tell you about 10 such online work that you can do sitting at home and can earn a lot of money too!


Top 10 Online Jobs

  1. Freelancer

         Freelancer is a website in which you can earn extremely good by doing any work related to computers as you wish. In this, you have to bid to get work. That is, by choosing any job of your choice, to get that work, you can do that job by bidding. To bid, you must write a proposal telling you about yourself, your work experience, and the value of your work.

After that, the person who wants to get you done, will contact you and then he will give you the work and when you have completed that work, then his amount will be given to you. This website makes payment through PayPal.

  1. YouTube

          In today’s time, YouTube is a very good platform to earn money. Many people upload videos to YouTube. But only those people can earn money from YouTube by creating their own YouTube channel and regularly upload their videos.In case you have a expertise that you simply wish to reach people, then through YouTube you can make your talent accessible to the people and also make a good income.

When advertisements come on your YouTube video, you will get the money from those ads. To bring ads on YouTube videos, you will have to link your YouTube account with Google AdSense, after which ads will come on your YouTube videos, and the money for those ads (Ads) will be sent to you through Google Adsense through your bank account. Will be transferred to

  1. Blogger

       If you’re keen on writing articles then you can start your website on Blogger. Blogger is a platform in which you can earn a lot by writing articles. Blogger’s official website is Blogger is a Google product.

In which you can create a blog website for free. You can post many types of articles in the blogging website. Blogger posts have to be written in about 1000 – 2000 words! Like YouTube, Blogger also receives advertising money through Google Adsense. Nowadays people all over the world are making very good money by blogging.

  1. Shutterstock

         These websites are for photographers. If you are also fond of photography, then you can also sell your photos all over the world by joining this website. For example, if a magazine, newspaper article, or website requires pictures, then they prefer to buy pictures online.

Shutterstock is a very popular website for selling pictures online. You can earn a lot of money by selling your photos on Shutterstock. For which you will have to create your account on Shutterstock and upload the photo on that account.

After which if someone buys your photo, you will get his money. The amount earned on this website is done through PayPal.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

         Today’s online shopping companies are selling their products through affiliate marketing. For example, if you join an online shopping company affiliate program, that online shopping company will give you a specific link to your products.

And you will have to share that link at a place where more people see the link to that product Like – social media, blogging website, YouTube channel, etc. on the platform. After sharing that link, if someone buys that product from that link, then that online shopping company will give you a commission.

Today, almost every online shopping company is doing affiliate marketing. Money earned from affiliate marketing is transferred to a bank account. These days many individuals are incomes so much by doing affiliate marketing.

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  1. Typing and Data Entry

         If you know typing and if you want to do typing work at home, then there are many websites for providing typing jobs on the Internet. One of which is the website name – Upwork .com. This website is very famous for data entry work.

In this, you can work as a freelancer. But in today’s time, the number of people working on Upwork has increased a lot,as a result of which it has change into a bit tough to work on this website.If you wish to work on Upwork, you have to make your profile very attractive. Which can help you? Payment on this website is made through PayPal.


  1. Amazon Mechanical Turk

         Mechanical Turk was started by Amazon (online shopping company). Amazon Mechanical Turk is a product of the online shopping company ‘Amazon’. Mechanical Turk has very simple tasks such as: completing tasks, conducting online surveys and answering questions, etc.

To work on Amazon Mechanical, you must create an account by visiting its website After that, you can earn money by working on this website. The amount earned by this website is transferred to the bank account.


         Fiverr is also a freelancing website. A lot of work can be done on this website like – logo making, web designing, app development, voiceover, animation video making, and photoshop photo editing, etc.

If you get any of these things, then you can work by connecting with this website. But the initial work can only earn up to 5 $. After some time you can increase your fees. Today, a lot of people are earning by working on Fiverr. On this website, the amount earned through PayPal is given.



       This can be a web site the place you may earn money by doing online typing work. To work on one has to pass an exam, which is very easy.

After passing the exam you will get work on this website in which you will be given audio clip or video clip and after listening to that video clip or audio file you have to type. This website pays $ 20 to work for 1 hour. This website gives the amount earned through PayPal.

  1. Online Tutor

       There are various web sites on the Web equivalent toVIPKid, WyzAnt, Preply, Gofluent,, etc. in which you can work as an online tuition teacher. The tuition teachers working on these websites get paid per hour.

Many people do this work part-time but some people earn very well by doing this work full time. Most of these websites put the monies earned into the bank account itself. Nowadays, many people also create education channels on YouTube and work to teach students, they also earn well.


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