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      A template is a very important place for any blog or website. A template is required to set up or design a blog in any way, without this you will not be able to set your blog in any way.

Once you create your new weblog on Blogger, you then get to decide on some templates to your weblog right here, however these templates usually are not excellent and they don’t give your weblog a very good or favourite look.

That’s why you think that I should put my own custom template on my blog so that I can set my blog better in my own way or give it a better look so that visitors will like the blog.

But, many new bloggers are unable to choose a good template for their blog to do this, which is free and which can set up the blog well. In such a situation, they apply new templates on their blog every day, or go to different websites and find good templates.

If you’re additionally a brand new blogger who’s on the lookout for an excellent and free template for his weblog, then this publish is of your use.

       On this publish, I’ll inform you about 10 free blogger templates, that are totally responsive and may give an excellent take a look at your blog.

So let’s know: –

Top 10 Best Free Responsive Blogger Templates Of 2020

Max Blog

Max Blog is a brand new free blogger template. This template is especially made for information blogs. If in case you have a very good information of net designing, then this template can provide a very good have a look at your weblog.
If we discuss in regards to the options of this template, then this template: –

  • Fully Responsive
  • SEO ready
  • Ads ready
  • Social Bookmark Ready
  • Email Subscription ready.
  • So this template can prove to be the best for your blog.

Flat mag

Flat Mag is also a good blogger template and is fully responsive and free. This is a multipurpose blogger template.

This template is mainly for multimedia (multimedia), news (entertainment), and technology (technology) blogs.

If you talk about the features then this template

  • full responsible
  • Absence ads ready
  • SEO ready
  • bookmark ready
  • 3 columns etc.
  • Features like So this template can also be best for your blog.

Sorbet responsible

Sorbet is a great free template for diary writing blogs, entertainment blogs, and internet blogs. Sorbet is a 
multi-purpose blogger template. This template is based on the latest blogging technology. For visitors who come
 to the blog from different devices, it gives the best results.

If you talk about the features then it is like templates and templates: –


  • Fully responsive
  • SEO ready
  •  ads ready
  • promotional links
  • social media stuff
  • search button ready
  • social media ready

etc. provides features. So this template will also be best for your blog.

Better mag

If you have a magazine blog, you can make your blog quite happy with this template. This template is also available for free. The template has a very good look and is based on the latest technology.


This template is better for news, magazine, and technology blogs. If you talk about features, then this template also gives very good features like templates.


  • Fully responsive
  • AdSense ads ready
  • SEO ready
  • social media optimized
  • social share ready
  • 3 columns

etc. Features will be found, so you can also use this template, it will give good results for your blog.

Smart SEO

Smart Seo is included in the list of top templates of 2017. Smart Seo is a fully responsive free blogger template. If your blog is related to news, technology, and online magazine, then this template is perfect for your blog and will give better results.


If we talk about the features, then this template: –


  • Ads ready
  • Breadcrumb navigation ready
  • Tablet widget ready
  • 3 column footer
  • Email Subscription Widget Ready
  • Page navigation menu
  • Post thumbnails
  • Social bookmark ready
  • Dropdown menu, etc.


The next number in this list comes from Deep Blog. the deep blog is also a good blogger template, which is mainly made for magazines and news blogs. The quality of this template is very good and fully responsive.


If you talk about the features of the template, then the template gives you very good features. Some of its features are –


  • Slideshow
  • Page navigation menu
  • Ads & SEO ready
  • Social bookmark ready
  • 3 column footer
  • with white & red colors

Ideas mag

Ideas Mag is a very good blog template. This template can also give your blog a premium look in the free version.If you already know somewhat little bit of coding, then you possibly can design it fairly properly.

If we discuss in regards to the options of the template, then this template will provide you with these particular options: –

  • Breadcrumb navigation ready
  • Tabbed widget ready
  • Email subscription widget ready
  • Page navigation menu
  • 3 column footer
  • SEO & Adsense Ads ready
  • Green & White Colors
  • Technology
  • Free premium
  • Dropdown menu, etc.

Blogger Responsive

Blogger also comes in the list of good free blogger templates. This template has also been in the list of Top Free Blogger Templates of 2016 and is being downloaded well in 2017. Blogger is a perfect template for technology-related blogs. It is a multipurpose and fully responsive template.

If we discuss in regards to the options of this template, then this template offers you

  • Page navigation menu
  • 1 sidebar
  • 1 right sidebar
  • Technology, news & magazine
  • Responsible
  • Seo ready
  • Social bookmark ready
  • Dropdown menu
  • 2 column

Vienna Lite 2

Vienna Lite 2 is also a great template. It also gives very good features. I myself have tried Vienna lite 2 in my blog, and it gives very good results. It has also been in the Top Blogger Templates of 2016.

This template with a white theme gives a great look to the blog. If your blog is related to technology ‘magazine and fashion, then this template is best for you. Talking about the features, this template also gives the same features as other templates.

Some of its special features are: –

  • Navigation menu
  • 2 column
  • 1 righ sidebar
  • 1 sidebar
  • Email subscription widget ready
  • Breadcrumb widget ready
  • social bookmark ready
  • SEO ready
  • post thumbnails
  • Responsible
  • Dropdown menu


The ribbon is the best blogger blog template. Although ribbon is a WordPress theme/template and is also premium, it is also available for the Blogger platform. Its free version will be found on the Internet for Blogger. The Ribbon template is the best for your blog, as it is a multipurpose blog template.

I myself have used it on my blog, so I suggest it for your blog. This template will give you good results.

This template will give you these main features: –

  • Ads ready
  • 3 column footer
  • Minimalist
  • 1 sidebar
  • Right sidebar
  • 2 columns
  • Dropdown menu
  • Social bookmark ready
  • Post thumbnail \
  • Responsible

so friends…. Now your choice is which template you will use for your blog. All these templates will be the best for you. These are all free blogger templates.



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