Is committing to an abortion of a pregnancy a wise choice to make? This article answers this question the best way it can.

Abortion in this context is when a pregnancy is ended so that it doesn’t result in the birth of a child. Sometimes it is called ‘termination of pregnancy’.

Just the same way no one appreciates half baked bread, no one appreciates abortion. However, people commit to abort for some reason which are attached to selfishness or child deformity.

What Happens Before The Question: ‘Is Committing To An Abortion Of A Pregnancy A Wise Choice?’
No one just wakes up and commits to an abortion. Before anyone commits to abortion, that person must have taught of the possibility of keeping the child. Must people don’t appreciate aborting a child but the fear if the unknown compels them.

The rate of abortion is on the increase among the unmarried and amongst the married it increases daily like the spread of a firestorm.

Most people don’t want to abort pregnancy but they result to abortion because their self-centeredness exceeded their ability to take responsibility. Or because they foresee deformity in the child.

Some other people have somewhat credible reasons for abortion. Reasons that aren’t as much as they make them weigh.

Some Reasons Why People Make The Choice Of Committing To An Abortion Of A Pregnancy
Other important projects
Not enough fund
Not ready to be a single parent
Defect in the foetus
Avoid shame to self and family
Fear of culture
Peer Pressure
Well, as amazing and thoughtful as these reasons are, it’s not enough to terminate a life. A child is a blessing of procreation from God.

Say ‘No’ To Committing To An Abortion Of Pregnancy
When you abort a pregnancy, you’re not just aborting a pregnancy, you’re aborting your pregnancy.
I have titled this post, ‘Is committing to an abortion of a pregnancy a wise choice to make?’ and I would be discussing a few reasons why I can boldly say an abort mostly never a choice you should make.

It might be too difficult to make a decision to keeping a pregnancy considering the long term struggles.

How family and culture is against premarital sex and how friends and bank account can be a reminder that you still have other children to carter for.

Reasons To Consider Before Answering the question, ‘Is Committing To An Abortion Of A Pregnancy A Wise Choice?’
Aborting A Pregnancy Not Just Frees You It Terminates A Life That Was Once In You
The act of aborting a pregnancy doesn’t just make you free from that pregnancy it makes you a murderer. Don’t feel hurt if you have already been through the process of abortion. The truth is said to enlighten you and not to make you feel guilty.

As easy and simple as an abortion may seem, it destroys a life wiping a life completely out of the face of the earth. It also has the tendency to harm the mother or end her life as well, depending on whether there was a complication or not.

Committing To An Abortion Can Destroy Relationships
Abortion in most cases has ruined relationships, caused women to become infertile or have unwanted abortions (miscarriages). There is a slight tendency that abortion can ruin your dating and courtship relationship, marital relationship. For more on relationship. It has promoted mental illness as well as emotional discomfort and in some cases, physical harm to children who survive abortion and to the mothers.

Committing To An Abortion Violates Civil Right
Everyone has the right to live according to civil rights. A child has the right to live and aborting the pregnancy is overrunning the citizens life. Also, aborting a pregnancy is synonymous with violating the right of the foetus, choosing death over life for the child.

A Child Should Never Suffer For The Mistakes Of The Parents
Abortion simply is punishment on the pregnancy for a crime it didn’t commit. As a matter of fact the foetus/child had no idea what the crime was. The fundamental reason for abortion is Self-centeredness.

Self-centeredness will cause you to hide something so precious as a child and kill it in secret or terminate the child. Simply because you feel your pay check is not enough. Or you know that your family members would complain that it’s a boy and not a girl or that you have had far too many children.

Aborting a pregnancy is a wicked act that makes a child pay for the crime the parent committed, which is very wrong. No one arrest a five year old because the dad robbed a bank. Same way a child should not be persecuted for the mistakes of the parent.

Time Does Not Erase The Reality Of The Act Of Committing To An Abortion
Abortion is the cruelest murder ever know. People believe that after a while, the thought of the act would be gone which is somewhat not so true. Once in a while, you’d find yourself thinking about the child, wondering who the child would have been like.

Wondering what the child would have loved and wondering if you’d ever be forgiven if you told someone about it. Of course this doesn’t happen to everyone so we can say it’s not so factual.

Sometimes a family is all you need to be happy
Committing To An Abortion Promotes The Problem
The believe that abortion will solve the problem of unwanted pregnancy is false and should not be bought. A problem that is being buried has the tendency to arise and cause harm in the future.

There is no shame in having a child, it’s a blessing and you should be proud of it. Don’t let the society decide who stays in your life and who doesn’t, let the truth decide.

It is your choice to make and that’s why I choose this topic ‘Is Committing To An Abortion Of A Pregnancy A Wise Choice To Make?’ This is because the question of abortion of a pregnancy is always a choice.

Only A Weak And Irresponsible Parent Would Commit To Abort A Pregnancy
Not having enough or abundance of something doesn’t give room to saying yes to question, ‘Is Committing To An Abortion Of A Pregnancy A Wise Choice To Make?’ Give up the weakness.

Life isn’t really as imagined most times. Our expectations rarely matches the outcomes. However, it is expedient that we do what’s right because we are people of right minds and we want our generation to emulate that.

There may not be enough fund but we can sacrifice to work twice harder, we may have to suffer shame of having to drop out of school but it’s a sacrifice we pay. When we see each process as a sacrifice we ought to pay, we forget the excuses that was to be made.

It’s better to have the child and give the child up for adoption, than terminate the pregnancy.

Abortion Promotes Low Self Esteem And Self Condemnation
Ladies who has committed to abortion aren’t loud about it, the truth is they don’t want to be reminded. They don’t want people to know what they have done. If it were a thing to joy about, they would probably put it everywhere on social media.

Rather, they hide it. They’re having emotional struggles and in most cases suffer low self esteem or are condemned by their selves.

The amazing truth is, no one gives a child births. Most times the marital status of the person does not matter. What matters is making a decision to save a life and standing with it.

Now, the question: Is Committing To An Abortion Of A Pregnancy A Wise Choice To Make? No it isn’t because you have a lot to lose when you do.

Please write your questions or any more information you think I may have missed in the comment box.



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