Blogger blogging platform lacks blog templates. Here you do not get very good and modern style templates and you are not able to design your blog well. In such a situation, you have to install new custom templates on blogger blog.


       We design a new custom template to design our blog well, but many bloggers have a problem in it. The custom template that we apply looks correctly in the desktop version, but it looks the same in the mobile version as the simple template looked like before. In such a situation, it has to set its mobile version and desktop version, and some new bloggers will not know about it.


      So todays in this posts I am tellings you about how to set a mobile version and desktop version of the custom blogger template. Read this post to know…

Blogger Template Setup – How to set up a mobile or desktop view of a template in a blog

       If, after uploading a new template, your blog is looking the same, or something different, when you view your blog, then it means that you have set your blog’s template to mobile for mobile view. You will haves to changes it to desktops view, only then the template will show up well in mobile.


For this, you complete this step –


First, click on the template. Now you will see 2 previews of your template.

1: – Live on blog

2: – Mobile

From this, click on the Settings icon shown below mobile.

Look in the photo for help

After clicking on the Settings icon, such a menu page will open in front of you.


: – If you have a mobile view, then, yes, show a mobile template on a mobile device that will be ticked.


Something like this –


By changing this, you have to tick the “No, show desktop templet on mobile devices”, save it by clicking Save below.

Just by doing this your work is complete. Now your template in mobile will start looking well, original, and your blog will have your custom template.


         That’s all in today’s post. If you have not understoods anythings in this post or you have any questions, then you must make your question through the comment box given below and give your valuable opinion about the post. Stay connected with my website Tikadar tech for similar information.


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