We all use computers fairly. If you search, you will find very few people who don’t know about computers or can’t use them. Almost many people have computers. The device is a favorite of almost everyone. Now let’s talk about work if there is any problem with this favorite thing. If so, I feel a little bad. Suppose you think that the speed of my computer is decreasing day by day. The speed of the computer in the first stage or after giving Windows is no more.One of many causes for this drawback is ourselves.


We are installing some of the other software on the computer and every day while running the computer some unnecessary files are coming and accumulating in our computer. It will help to speed up the computer and delete unnecessary files, but if the problems are software-related. I hope the tips will be useful.


1. If there is any kind of file in the recycle bin on your computer desktop, delete it. And always try to leave the recycle bin empty.


2. Go to the Run program from the Start” menu: and type each word below once and press the Enter key from the keyboard. recent, temp,% temp%, Prefetch.


3. Now go to the Run option box and type MSConfig and click: ok. A new: window: will appear. From there, select the Startup tab. All the programs that will appear in front of you. Remove the icon. Now press the OK button to save the program and then restart the computer by clicking the Restart button in the window that appears.


4. Go to My Computer from the desktop. Now press the Ctrl key from the keyboard and press the h key. Select the histories that you see on the left side’ one by one, click the right mouse button and click on delete to delete the histories. This process is the windows. For XP.


If you can do things properly, I hope your PC will be faster than before. I am saying goodbye here today. We will meet again in front of everyone with a new topic. All will be well’ and stay” with us. Thank you all.



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