I’ve been pondering for a very long time that I will write a post about Amazon Affiliate Marketing, but I could not get up in time. I hope you find this post useful.

Picking a Profitable Niche – You need to start by choosing a profitable niche. When choosing a niche, it is important to focus on what you know and what you can do. However, when you do keyword research, you must try to make sure that your keyword is a buy or call to action keyword. And you will see the search volume based on the USA. Then you will get good results. Because people here shop the most and so you have to target this location.



Product Picking – When you choose a product, you will see if that product is an evergreen product. This means that the product you are selecting will be in the market for at least 2 years. Such as shoes of a specified brand or something like that. Otherwise, it will be seen that the demand for the product you choose will decrease with the user. So try to work with evergreen products.



Product Ratings – In the case of Amazon affiliate marketing, the product rating that you will promote should be good. Personally, I would say the minimum is 4.0 and the maximum is 5. And positive user reviews should be at least 5+.



Product Review – Your product review should be as if you are the buyer of that product and you are writing a review from your own experience. Then you will see that your cell will be better and people’s interest in your site will increase a lot.



Product Price – Product price is an important issue here. If you promote very low priced products, you will not get much profit if they sell. Again, if you promote relatively high priced products, your sales will go down a lot. So always try to keep the product price within the reach of the buyer. And I personally promote products from  $80 to $200.



Inventing new ideas – You will monitor your promoted products well and notice which products are selling more. Then you will work more with the ones that will have more sales or you will promote such products more.



I hope you find the idea useful. And if you have any queries you can ask me, I will try to help you as much as possible. Then, like today, Tikadar will meet again on some other issue.



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