As a lot of you might know, every kind of artistic works equivalent to literary works, performs, artworks, music, audio-video work, movie work, images, sculpture, communication work, and so on. Are copied or reproduced, translated, tailored, copied without the permission of its creator or writer. Or adaptation, whether or not industrial or private, at no matter stage, is the final word reverse of copyright notions, worldwide regulation, worldwide treaties, home regulation, ethics, and a way of positivity. So for those who use these, there’s a chance of dealing with the regulation.


        Many people who work with media files on the Internet know that they must be copyright-free before they can be used. Because if you use a copyrighted image on your website or anywhere else, the original owner of that file can take legal action against you. He can report against your site. If you use Google AdSense, you know that using copyrighted images or videos can ban your AdSense account. So of course copyright-free images should be used.

      Many ask us where the copyright-free images are. We answer their questions. We are sharing 30 websites to get copyright-free images so that all the fans of Devsteam Institute can know about this. Hopefully, it will work.


1. Morguefile (

2. Creative Commons (

3. Stallvault (

4. Every stock photo (

5. Flickr (

. SXU (

. Microsoft (

. Wikimedia (

9. Image After (

10. Getty Images (

11. Corbisimages (

12. Davidniblack (

13. Free Pixels (

14. Free Stock Photos (

15. 123rf (

16. Open Stock Photography (

16. Free Digital Photos (

16. Animation Factory (

19. Light Matter (

20. Kozzi (

21. OpenPhoto (

22. Photopin (

23. Unimageauasard (

24. Affiliate (

25. Graphics Arena (

26. Historical stock photo (

26. Photo Everywhere (

26. Trip Album (

29. Free Photos (

30. Kivewall (

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